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“The people are as wonderful as the care they provide. I am not a dentist person and the entire team makes sure I am comfortable throughout my entire visit. Dr. Peters and her staff are the best! 5 stars! ?❤?”   -Marget


“Awesome staff and great service! BEST PEOPLE IN THE BUSINESS!” -Tyler


“I am serious when I say it is enjoyable going to the dentist at Elgin Family Dentistry! They are friendly and display a happiness seen only when people enjoy what they do. If I need to have something done on my teeth, Dr. Kingsley thoroughly explains the why’s & how’s in terms easily understood. While Dr. Kingsley and her assistant, April, are working on my teeth, they keep me informed as to what they are doing. They both even came in when the office was closed to work on my crown! Without a doubt, Elgin Family Dentistry has positively changed my ‘going to the dentist’ attitude.”  -Rita


“Elgin Family Dentistry rocks! They are the best in everything they do! Highly recommend them to everyone!” -Michelle


“Dr. Kingsley and her office were absolutely amazing!!!! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile and empathy for my pain, to the moment I sat in the chair which I was handled very gently and conservatively due to the pain, to the moment I walked out the door with answers and a great follow up plan to fix my mouth!!! Dr. Kingsley and her staff made sure I was well informed and taken care of, even after my visit!”  -Malinda


“Great place – Great people!!”   -Paul


“The offering of warm blankets and warm neck wraps goes beyond what is expected. No changes needed. All of the staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I always feel as if I am treated as family.”  -Joanne


“I have no words to describe how happy I am with both Dr. Peters and Dr. Kingsley. I went from a huge fear of coming to the dentist just for a simple cleaning and now I come in every 6 months and I enjoy coming in. I recently had my very first crown done and it was way better than I had ever expected it to be. I love that they both talk me through everything step by step to make me feel comfortable and they make sure I’m numb!!! There isn’t enough stars!”  -Amanda

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