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New Patient Experience at Elgin Family Dentistry

At Elgin Family Dentistry, we make sure your first visit with us is educational and informative. At your first appointment, you can expect the Doctor to develop a specific, individualized treatment plan and address any concerns you may have. Our office emphasizes preventative care and strives to get our patients enthusiastic about their dental health!

Your initial appointment with Dr. Kingsley or Dr. Peters will include:

  1.  Comprehensive set of digital x-rays
  2.  A review of your medical and dental history
  3.  Intraoral pictures of your teeth and mouth so that you can see what we are seeing!
  4.  Comprehensive Examination of your teeth, jaw, and gums and any treatment recommendations
  5.  Hard and soft tissue assessment
  6.  Periodontal evaluation
  7.  TMJ assessment
  8.  Oral cancer screening
  9.  Cleaning and Oral hygiene instructions (time permitting)

We allow sufficient time for our doctors to answer all of your questions and concerns. In addition, our staff will explain each step of your procedure so that you know exactly what to expect during the appointment. Each team member ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed during each appointment at our office by providing cable television, blankets, pillows, heated neck rolls, and scented towels.

“Our Team is committed to providing individualized care to your family in an educational and caring environment.”

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